About Me

Photography is the story you probably can’t put into words.

Hey, my name is Kovács Apor, and thanks for visiting my photography website!

Sometimes I am thinking about where is the borderline between a camera user and a photographer who describes himself as a photographer? Nowadays everybody has a smartphone in the pocket with a high-quality camera, so everybody could be a photographer? I think yes, not an expensive gear makes you a good photographer or if you take a photo in the mirror holding a camera – nor the certificate about it. I think the key question is: do you own creativity to make more unique photographs than 90% of the people?

My answer to this question is: I try to approach everything from a unique viewpoint. I am not a photographer and I never describe myself as a photographer. I don’t have a certificate for photography making. I am a designer, and I studied for 5+ years as a product designer, so most of my time I do my designer career. I also have the hunap design studio together with my brother, just I think the design is related to photography. If you create a good design, half of the success is how to present to the public. – in this point, we can talk about photography.

Just a simple sentence: I love to take photos.